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by Brandon Butler
Movies Theaters are Planning to Reopen in California This Week 6/8/2020

Pamela McClintock for The Hollywood Reporter, ‘California Mulls Reopening Movie Theaters on June 12 With Restrictions’:

Movie theaters in California could begin reopening as early as June 12 with strict social distancing measures in place for the first two weeks, according to a plan being considered by the state that was shared with The Hollywood Reporter.

Cinemas have been closed across the country since March 20 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Anxious theater owners — and Hollywood studios — are expected to be given the go ahead to flip on the lights later this week by California Gov. Gavin Newsom's office. This means that Warner Bros. may still be able to launch Christopher Nolan's Tenet in cinemas on July 17 as originally planned.

I get it, there's a lot of pressure to get businesses reopened, but going to a movie theater this summer is a really, really dumb thing to do.

It feels like many in the US have just accepted COVID-19 as another deadly fact of life, like wildfires in California or hurricanes in Florida. Except that nobody has to die from COVID-19. It’s totally preventable by having a little patience, common sense, and self-control. I read in the news, how they just casually say, “there’ll be flare ups here or there” but there don’t have to be flare ups. I don’t know why the US is so eager to run out and get sick. Just stay inside a little longer and don’t die. It’s so easy.

As for Tenet, I’ll be renting it whenever Warner Bros. decides that their customer’s lives are more important than pleasing the dangerously insane CEOs of American movie theaters.