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by Brandon Butler
Phil Schiller: No Changes to the Rules for Hey 6/18/2020

Matthew Panzarino at TechCrunch:

In a brief call today about Basecamp’s Hey email app from the iOS App Store, Apple’s Phil Schiller told me that there would currently be no changes to its rules that would allow the app to continue to be offered.

“Sitting here today, there’s not any changes to the rules that we are considering,” Schiller said. “There are many things that they could do to make the app work within the rules that we have. We would love for them to do that.”

Phil Schiller didn’t have to call up TechCrunch and defend Apple’s position on this, but he did. I like that about today’s Apple.

Panzarino goes on to write:

As far as to why Apple would look at a situation like this and not see an obvious minefield, I believe that it internally thinks that it is doing the right and just thing. It built the platform, it deserves to profit from that platform which does contribute enormous economic impact to both digital and physical sectors. And there are indisputable security and privacy benefits to Apple controlling the payments platform.

Instapaper and Overcast creator/developer Marco Arment, via Twitter:

Let’s be clear, Apple: in addition to the $100/year developer fees and any search ads we buy, we add value to your highly profitable hardware FAR beyond the 30%.

I don’t like that today’s Apple has a really tough time reading a room. 30% sounds high, and this business model feels dated. I buy iPhones and iPads because of apps like Overcast and Ulysses and Bear. If these apps decide the cost of business (both financial and personal sanity) is too high and just give up, I’m not sure what my next phone would be.

Hey could just add a shitty little POP3 client with minimal email functionality and the app would get approved. Schiller says as much in the TechCrunch interview. But I get the feeling the Basecamp guys have it in their heads they’re in the right.

This whole situation is a mess; WWDC20 is going to be an interesting event.