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by Brandon Butler
Trumps Bans (Transactions with) TikTok 8/6/2020

Catherine Shu for TechCrunch:

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday banning transactions with ByteDance, the parent company of popular app TikTok . The White House also announced that he signed a similar order banning transactions with Tencent-owned WeChat, a messaging app that is ubiquitous in China, but has a much smaller presence than TikTok in the United States, where it is used mainly by members of the Chinese diaspora. Both orders will take effect in 45 days.

Matthew Panzarino on Twitter:

Would you be shocked if the president did not even understand what he was signing here? Scope. Methodology. Ramifications. Yeah me neither.

Half of the hot esports industry including valorant, fortnite, league of legends and a ton of other gaming firms just got nut shot by el pres and I highly doubt that was on the list of desired effects.

Tencent spends an enormous amount of money in the valley, hollywood and music. Tencent pictures has 3 Sony movies coming including Monster Hunter and a little Paramount movie called Top Gun: Maverick. Is money earned there included in this? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯