Muay Thai Fight Video

Bobby Tachine Wins in First Round Video


First Round TKO for Yoko Hamamura!


First Round TKO for Joel Phelan!


Darren Smith Wins by Unanimous Decision


TKO in Third Round from Vasili


Darren Smith Knocks Out His Opponent



Fabian Teyssedre Destroys His Opponent


Matt Hoss Scores a 1st round TKO


Beto Ibarra Scores a 40 Second Knockout


Keren Glennon Dislocates Her Opponent’s Jaw


Cecilia Tudor’s Sweet TKO Victory Video

Ray Roseman’s Killer Knockout

Our Fighters are truly exceptional.  They trained hard, worked hard, listened to their coach and entered the ring as contenders.  All of them, however, walked out of the ring as Victors — and as Victors with extreme prejudice.

Knockouts, Technical Knockouts, and even a dislocated jaw by none other than Keren “Bam-Bam” Glennon!  She simultaneously slipped to the outside on her opponent’s jab, countered with a jab, and dislocated her opponent’s jaw with her speed, accuracy and trademark power.

All of our Fighters demonstrated speed, agility, technique and superb conditioning — all of which they obtained at OCKMMA and the expert tutelage of none other than our very own Ajarn Daniel Sulivan.  Ajarn Daniel is arguably one of the most versatile and well-trained martial artists in the modern world.  He has trained throughout Southeast Asia and holds several, Head Instructor certificates — including being certified as a full instructor under none other than Guro Dan Inosanto himself.