MMA Escapes from the Mount

Being on the bottom in the mount position is one of the worst positions in Mixed Martial Arts. From the bottom in the Mount, you can not effectively strike but you are in serious danger of being knocked out or submitted. All you can do is defend the strikes and submissions and try to get out of the position or possibly get a leg lock. The two basic escapes from the Mount Position are the Upa Escape and the Elbow Escape.

Punch Defense

Punch Defense

Keep your head covered up when on the bottom in the mount.

MMA Upa Escape 1 MMA Upa Escape 2 MMA Upa Escape 3

MMA Upa Escape

The Upa Escape is a mount escape done by bucking the hips. Control an arm and trap the same side foot with your foot. Defend the punch by checking his biceps. Buck the hips and roll over the shoulder into his guard. Check his biceps to prevent punches and submissions.

MMA Elbow Escape 1 MMA Elbow Escape 2 MMA Elbow Escape 3 MMA Elbow Escape 4

MMA Elbow Escape

The Elbow Escape is a technique to get out of the mount position and put the opponent in your guard. Use your elbows against his legs to get him low in the mount position. Buck the hips to make space. Use the hand or the elbow to push his knee. Move the hips to free your leg and pull half guard. Move the hips the other way and push that knee if needed to get your knee inside. Move the hips one more time to free the leg and pull guard.

MMA Ankle Lock 1 MMA Ankle Lock 2 MMA Ankle Lock 3 MMA Ankle Lock 4

Ankle Lock from the Bottom (Mount)

Put a hand on his hip and use one to defend your head. Bridge (buck your hips) and bring a knee between his legs. Bring the other leg around his leg on the outside and kick him to the side. get a figure 4 grip on his ankle. Throw the outside leg over and tuck it under him to keep from being ankle locked yourself. Arch to apply the Ankle Lock submission.

Heel Hook from Bottom Mount

Heel Hook from the Bottom (Mount)

To set up the Heel Hook from the bottom in the mount, follow the same steps as above except instead of going for a figure 4 grip, get his foot stuck in your arm pit. Pull on his leg with the other arm to get his heel pointed up. Bring your forearm over his ankle and grip your own hand. Pull toward your center to apply the Heel Hook submission.