MMA Guard Position

The Guard Position is one of the most important positions on the ground in Mixed Martial Arts. In this section, you’ll learn about the strikes & submissions from the top and bottom in the MMA Guard Position.

MMA Guard Position

Strikes From The Top (Guard Position)

Strikes from the Top Guard Position  

The top in the Guard Position is a good position to "Ground and Pound" your opponent. Because you are on the top, your strikes are powerful. Be careful though because you can easily be submitted from this position.


Submissions From The Top (Guard Position)

Top Submissions From The Guard Position  

There are only a handful of submissions from the top in the guard position. It is often better to strike or to pass one or both legs to get a better position.


Strikes From The Bottom (Guard Position)

Strikes From The Bottom Guard Position  

Striking from the bottom in the guard position can be very effective even though you’re on the bottom.


Submissions From The Bottom (Guard Position)

Submission from the Bottom Guard Position  

From the MMA Guard Position on the bottom, there are many effective submission holds that can be applied. If you have to be on the bottom, this is the best position to be in.