MMA Mount Control Positions

Once you do all the work it takes to get to the Mount Position, it’s important to control the position so you don’t end up on the bottom or in his guard. To do this, these four positions are critical: Mount, Mount with Hooks In, Rear Mount, Rear Mount with Hooks In.

Basic Control Mount Position

Basic Control Position

Get up high and tight in the mount with your knees in the armpits, your knees squeezed together, feet straight and butt kept low. Post with both arms and keep them wide apart for a good base.

Control Position

Control Position with Legs Under Hooked

This position is for controlling an individual to tire him out and prevent him from escaping.

Rear Mount Control Position Rear Mount 2 Control Position Rear Mount 3 Control Position

Rear Mount Control Position

When you strike from the mount on the top, the opponent will often times panic and give you his back. When he does, open your legs a little and allow him to roll over to the prone position and take the Rear Mount.

Rear Mount with Hooks In

Rear Mount with Hooks In

Usually he will go to his knees which gives you the opportunity to put your hooks in and take Rear Mount Position with the Hooks In. This is a completely dominant position and allows for strikes and rear chokes.

Rear Mount with Him Flattened

Rear Mount with Him Flattened Out

Arch your body and stretch him out to flat to make it even worse for him.