MMA Mount Position

Mixed Martial Arts Basics “Part 1”

MMA Mount Position

The mount position is one of the most dominant positions in mixed martial arts for both striking and submissions.
Basic Control Mount Position

Mount Control Position

This is how to control the top from the Mount Position in Mixed Martial Arts. Before you can strike or submit you need to maintain the dominant top position.


Strikes from the Mount Position

The Mount Position in MMA is one of the best positions to strike from. From the Mount, you can easily hit with punches, for example, without ever being hit back effectively.

Kimura 1

Submissions from the Mount Position

The Mount Position in MMA allows you to apply several types of submission holds to finish a fight. These finishing holds include the Arm Bar, Kimura and Omoplata.

Punch Defense

Escapes from the Mount Position

You don’t want to be on the bottom in the Mount Position in MMA because you are in eminent danger of being knocked out or submitted. These are essential escapes from the Mount.