MMA Submissions from the Mount

The Mount position is a great position for submitting your opponent. The submissions from the mount include: Kimura, Arm Triangle, Arm Bar, Triangle and the Omoplata.

Kimura 1

American Lock

The American Lock is a shoulder lock. Grip his arm in the figure 4 position without using the thumbs. Keep his wrist on the matt, bring his elbow toward his hip then lift his elbow off the matt by lifting your elbow.

Arm Triangle

Arm Triangle

The Arm Triangle is a triangle choke done with the arms. Control his arm and neck with your forearm under his neck and walk your hand sideways to get your arm deep. Keep your head low to keep his arm from getting out. Grab your own biceps/ triceps and get a tight grip. Place your other hand over his forehead and squeeze.

Arm Bar Setup Arm Bar

Arm Bar

The Arm Bar is an elbow lock. Control his arm with one arm and punch with the other. Turn perpendicular to him, take the front knee off the ground and coral him in with your legs. Post with your other arm on his biceps or face. Take the back leg off the ground and throw it over his head. Control his arm with both arms, squeeze your knees together and arch the hips.


Triangle from Top

The Triangle is a choke done with the legs. Give him some space in the mount position to bait him to put his arm inside your leg. Turn your leg inward and grab your ankle. Lift your ankle off the ground and triangle your legs. Squeeze your legs and pull up on his head with both hands or punch his face.

Triangle from Bottom

Triangle From Bottom

In this version of the Triangle choke, you give up the top position to get the Triangle submission. When he puts an arm on the inside of your leg from the mount, grab his head and arm. Drop back and pull guard as you lock your triangle. Squeeze your legs and pull down on his head to finish.

Reverse Kimura


The Kimura is a shoulder lock with the arm pointed down. When the opponent grabs your waist from the mount on the bottom, turn to the side with one knee off the matt and grip his arm with a figure 4 grip. Avoid using the thumbs. Push his wrist toward his head.

Over Hook Arm Bar

Over Hook Arm Bar

The Over Hook Arm Bar is a elbow lock performed with the arms. Over hook an arm and get a figure 4 grip. Exert pressure on the elbow using the arms and arch slightly.

Over Hook Shoulder Lock

Over Hook Shoulder Lock

The Over Hook Shoulder Lock is a shoulder lock performed with the arms. Over hook an arm and get a figure 4 grip. If he bends his arm, exert pressure on his shoulder by forcing his elbow upward.

Omoplata Set up Omoplata


The Omoplata is a shoulder lock done with the legs. When the opponent grabs your waist from the mount on the bottom, push his head down with two hands. Lay back, throw your leg around his arm and triangle your legs. Put your foot in his arm pit to keep him from rolling out to escape. Put two hands on the matt and scoot your butt backward then straighten your legs to apply the submission.

Ezekiel Choke

Ezekiel Choke

The Ezekiel is a choke performed with the forearm. Reach around his neck and get control of his wrist. Turn sideways and put one foot up. Insert your arm between his arm and his neck. Pull and push while you dig your forearm into his neck to apply the choke. If it doesn’t work, switch to an arm bar.

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