Strikes From The Bottom (Guard Position)

Strikes From The Bottom (Guard Position)

The Guard Position on the bottom allows you to get off some pretty good strikes. Although the leverage is not as strong as the top position, if you’re on the bottom it’s the best place to be for both strikes and submissions. Here are the most commonly used strikes from the Guard on bottom.

Straight Punches

Straight Punches from Bottom Guard Position  

Straight Punches from the bottom have the advantage of having the most reach of any upper body tool. You can keep you Guard locked or unlock it when you deliver straight punches. It’s usually best to aim straight punches up the middle but they can come from the outside as well. You can trap an arm and punch straight or do it without an arm trapped.



Hook and Circular Punches from Bottom Guard Position  

Hooks (circular punches) have a little less reach but a lot of power. Circular punches are usually aimed around the outside of his guard. If you trap an arm, he’ll be open on that side.


Hammer Fists

Hammer Fist Strike  

Hammer Fists are a great weapon for MMA. They are devastating and perfectly legal. You can hit with the fist or the forearm. From the Guard Position, it’s best to trap an arm when he punches to set up a Hammer Fist.


Elbow Strikes

Elbows From the Bottom Guard Position  

Elbow strikes are devastating, even from the bottom. Elbow’s can open up big cuts and potentially end a fight. Trapping an arm sets up the elbow very nicely. Aim for the eye brow or the nose.