Strikes From The Top (Guard Position)

The Guard Position on Top is a good place to strike from. Punches have a lot of power and you can get a lot of leverage from the top. Be aware of submissions and if you stand up, watch out for kicks.

Straight Punches

Straight Punches from Top Guard Position  

Straight punches are very functional basic strikes from within an opponent’s guard, especially when he’s covering the side of his head, leaving an opening up the middle. Aim the punches between his arms (guard). Lifting one knee off the mat can help you generate more power.


Hooks (Circular Punches)

Hook and Circular Punches from Top Guard Position  

The second striking option from within the guard is hooking punches (hooks). Hooks are very powerful from the top. Hooks are most effective when the opponent has a a vertical guard covering the centerline and should come from the outside of his arms (guard).


Body Hooks

Guard Position Body Hooks  

Hooking punches to the body (Body Hooks) are very effective on the ground. Hitting the body keeps you busy and helps to soften him up. Aim for the liver, kidney or spleen. Hitting the body helps to set up punches to the head, guard passes etc.



Elbows From the Top Guard Position  

Elbow strikes are devastating from any position and especially functional from the top. Striking with the point of the elbow can open big cuts and potentially end a fight.


Elbow Variation

Elbow Variation From the Top Guard Position  

When the opponent grabs your wrists to prevent you from punching, strike with downward elbow strikes without even breaking his grip.