Submissions From The Top (Guard Position)

There are a only a few submission holds from the top in the guard. It is a good option to pass one or both legs in order to get a submission hold. However, here are a few good submissions from the top in the guard.

Can Opener

Can Opener Submission from Top Guard Position  

The can opener is a neck crank. Get a clinch on your opponent’s neck with both hands, one on top of the other. Squeeze your elbows together and dig them into your opponent’s chest to form a fulcrum. Pull and lift the head toward you.


Ankle Lock

Ankle Lock 1 from Top Guard Postition Ankle Lock 2 from Top Guard Postition
Ankle Lock 3 from Top Guard Postition

The Ankle Lock, also called an achilles tendon hold, is a good submission option from on the top in the guard but requires that you partially pass one leg first. First, break the guard by putting your knee on the butt and hands on the hips, with the elbows wedged into the opponent’s thighs then step away with the other leg, lifting the knee off the ground, breaking his guard. Then, push his knee down to the mat with one hand and slide your close leg over his thigh until it touches the mat. You can punch at this point for a distraction. Now grab his leg with a figure four grip and fall sideways onto your side. Be prepared to kick him down if he tries to counter by coming to the top. Then throw your leg over his leg and tuck it under his body, so he can’t leg lock you at the same time. Apply the ankle lock by squeezing and arching the body. This lock attacks the ankle and the achilles tendon.


Heel Hook

Heel Hook from Top Guard Position

If the Ankle Lock is not working, you can switch to a Heel Hook. Or you can go directly to a Heel Hook in pretty much the same way as you set up the Ankle Lock. The Heel Hook is a very dangerous submission that actually attacks the knee and can do serious damage due to the twisting action. Get the opponent’s foot in your arm pit and his heel pointed up. Wedge your forearm around his heel/ankle and grip your other hand. Pull his heel toward your centerline to apply the submission. Be careful not to hurt your partner when practicing this move.


Knee Bar

Knee Bar from Top Guard Position Set-up Knee Bar from Top Guard Position Transition Knee Bar from Top Guard Position  

To set up the Knee Bar, break the opponent’s guard and stand up to a squatting position. Slide your front knee through toward the ground as you turn away from him and get his leg stuck in your arm pit. Post with your hand and fall to your side. Squeeze your knees together and arch to apply the Leg Bar submission to his knee.


Foot Lock

Foot Lock from Top Guard Position  

If the Leg Bar is not working, you can switch to a foot lock. Let his leg out of your armpit and grip his foot/ toes on the outside. Get a figure four grip on your own arm. Twist his foot inward to apply the submission.