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WHEN DANGER CALLS THE U.S. MARSHALS SPECIAL RESPONSE TEAM ANSWERS (Coach Ricky; Professor Mo; Kru Roman.  Also pictured are Directors Bobby Shah, Robert A. Freeman, Esq., Robert Hammond & Gregory Foster) OCKMMA was greatly honored when members of the U.S. Marshals Special Response Team (S.R.T.) stepped onto our mat to train with our coaches.  The[Read More]

Testing Promotion and Ranking Up!

TESTING, PROMOTION AND RANKING UP! February 2017 Testing, Promotion and Ranking-Up Schedule! The OCKMMA Team will be “On-The-Mat” all this week – and we are excited that Training/Promotion week is here once again. So take a look below – and mark your calendars for whichever martial art(s) you’re training in and make sure you’re ready[Read More]


2017 — A NEW YEAR OF POSSIBILITIES! Well folks, another year has come … and gone.  It has been exciting here at OC Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts — and we hope it has been just as exciting for you!  We trained together, leaned together and ranked-up together.  And 2017 promises to be an even[Read More]


TRADITIONS OF BOXING DAY “Boxing Day” is a holiday celebrated the day after Christmas Day. It originated in the United Kingdom and is celebrated in a number of countries that previously belonged to the British Empire.  Those of us who hail from Northern Europe have been known to celebrate this unique tradition here in the[Read More]


OC REGISTER NAMES OCKMMA “BEST OF ORANGE COUNTY – 2016” THANK YOU ORANGE COUNTY! OC Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts (“OCKMMA”) is proud to announce that we have been named in the Orange County Register’s “Best of Orange County – 2016”. We are so grateful to you, the residents of Orange County, for casting your[Read More]


OCKMMA REMEMBERS December 7, 1941, the Empire of Japan attacked the United States’ naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. December 8, 1941, Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivered one of the most famous of all American political speeches to a Joint Session of Congress – known today as the “Infamy Speech” and the “Pearl Harbor Speech”. (Click on the[Read More]


SILAT IN JAKARTA! OCKMMA’s Founder and Head Instructor, Ajarn Daniel Sullivan is at it again – traveling the world learning new, incredibly effective martial arts techniques. Ajarn Daniel (right) is currently in Jakarta. He is training with Grand Master Datuk Edwel Yusri (left) in the devastating art of Silat. And when we say Grand Master[Read More]


BRUCE LEE b. 11/27/40; d. 07/20/73 THE LEGENDARY BRUCE LEE Bruce Lee was born on this day, November 27, 1940. Had he not died so tragically of a cerebral edema, he would have turned 76 today! He was born in Chinatown, San Francisco. According to the Chinese Calendar, he was born in both the hour and[Read More]


HEY YO ROCKY – “PHILLY” LOVES OCKMMA Everyone who grew up in the ’70’s and ’80’s knows this phrase “Yo Rocky!” – the underdog fighter who hailed from the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia or just plain “Philly”)! And you also know this now iconic statue of Rocky “The Italian Stallion” Balboa – contender for the[Read More]


KANA DALIVA WINS! OCKMMA offers a wide variety of martial arts disciplines including Muay Thai, BJJ, Kickboxing, JKD, Savate, FMA and even Silat! We even have a Kick-Butt Kid’s Program! But OCKMMA isn’t just a family-friendly, state-of-the-art 10,000 sq. ft. training facility! In fact, we also have a formidable Fight Team – composed of both[Read More]