Ajarn Daniel Sullivan



Daniel Sullivan is the Founder and Head Instructor of OC Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts. Coach Daniel has been immersed in Mixed Martial Arts since 1985, has been teaching since 1991 and opened his first martial arts academy in 1993. Since then, Daniel’s life has been focused on helping others reach their goals and improve their lives through the martial arts. Daniel’s many accomplishments and credentials include…Black Belt First Degree in Gracie (Brazilian) Jiu-Jitsu under Gracie Humaita and Cleber Luciano, Senior Instructor (Ajarn) in Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) under Ajarn Chai Sirisute and The Thai Boxing Association USA, 3rd Level Instructor in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) under Coach Pat Miletich (Miletich Fighting Systems), Full Instructor in Jeet Kune Do under Dan Inosanto, Full Instructor in Filipino Martial Arts under Dan Inosanto, Silver Glove in Savate under Nicolas Saignac and The Boxe Francaise Federation, Instructor in Kalis Ilustrisimo under Maestro Tony Diego. To learn more about Daniel, go here… 


Kru Dennis Hall



Kru Dennis Hall heads up the instructor team at OC Kickboxing, teaches Muay Thai and MMA and is the Head Fight Team Coach. He is a consummate martial arts professional with ten years of martial arts teaching experience. Among many other credentials, Kru Dennis is an Associate Instructor in Muay Thai under Ajarn Chai Sirisute and The Thai Boxing Association USA and a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Master Cleber Luciano. Kru Dennis is dedicated to helping YOU reach your goals in the martial arts!



Master Cleber Luciano



Master Cleber Luciano has dedicated his life to Gracie Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and is OC Kickboxing’s Master Instructor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He is a Fifth Degree Black Belt under Professor Royler Gracie, a World Champion Jiu-Jitsu competitor (2006 & 2008) and a Pro MMA fighter currently competing in Bellator.



Kru Gregory Beecroft

Kru Gregory Beecroft began boxing under the tutelage of former Jr. Light Weight World Boxing Champion, Harold Gomess. He has studied Japanese Goju-Ryu Karate; Karate Shintoshi; Akido; Jidokwan; Kickboxing; Jeet Kune Do; Silat, and Kali.

Kru Greg was promoted to instructor level in Muay Thai by none other Ajarn Ajarn Chai Sirisute. He received his Silver Glove from Professor Nick Saignac. He holds an advanced rank in Shoot Wrestling and a 4th Dan Black Belt in Jidokwan.

Kru Greg has trained with none other than the legendary Guro Dan Inosanto; Peter “Sugarfoot” Cunningham; Golden Gloves Boxing Champion Freddie Jin; Muay Thai Hall of Fame inductee Saekson Janjira; and Thai Champion/Hall of Fame fighter Saekson Janjira. He has also been the sparring partner for National Champions and World title contenders Demetrius Havanas, Raymond McCallum and Billy Jackson.

Fun Fact: Kru Greg portrayed Brock Lombard on the CBS Daytime Drama “As The World Turns”. He also portrayed Duke Lavery on ABC’s “General Hospital”. He was awarded Most Valuable Player (Soap Opera Weekly) and Daytime Drama Best Actor (TV Guide). He also played “Mickey D” in the Star Trek Next Generation Episode “The Royale”.

Favorite Quote: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. Edmund Burke


Coach Ricky Sexton

Coach Ricky was always the “geeky looking” kid with low self-esteem who always got bullied. After watching the Karate Kid and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, he told his mother he wanted to learn martial arts – and the next day his martial arts journey began.

Coach Ricky trained sporadically but his love of the martial arts never waned. While working at Disneyland, Coach Ricky met a man who introduced him to Kali. “I remember asking ‘what’s Kali?’”, says Coach Ricky “and the few basics he showed me started my mission to find the most effective martial arts style”. In 1997, he made his way to OCKMMA; knew he had come home; and began training in earnest.

All these years later, Coach Ricky is no longer the “geeky looking” kid – but he still has a passion for the martial arts. He is a Certified Instructor in Panantukan (Empty Hand/Weapons); a Senior Student Jeet Kune Do; a Senior Student in Kali; a Yellow Glove in Savate; and Senior Student in Muay Thai under Ajarn Chai.

Coach Ricky is married with two kids that “totally support my teaching and training”. He has taught law enforcement and military personnel including the U.S. Marshall’s SRT.

Fun Fact: Coach Ricky portrayed the character/narrator Clopin in Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Favorite Quote: “Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle. He is my loving God and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer, my shield, in whom I take refuge.” Psalm‬ 144:1-2‬ NIV‬‬


Kru Roman Gutierrez

Kru Roman Gutierrez was an athlete in high school. After graduating, he was working behind a cash register 8 hours per day and eating Carl’s Jr. for lunch. He hated counting reps and despised burning calories on the “Hamster Wheel”. He just wasn’t cut out for the standard “gym” setting. He gained weight – and a lot of it.

“My brother started training JKD for self-defense, and he told me about OCMMA’s Real Kickboxing” says Kru Roman. “I enrolled in the beginner program and I lost 30 pounds in 2 months. I was hooked”. Kru Roman then began studying the martial arts in earnest. He started in 2004, and never looked back – he’s been training hard, and coaching OCKMMA students ever since.

Kru Roman is committed to being the best martial artist he can be. He prides himself on his discipline, patience and hard work. As a result, Roman earned his Kru Level in Muay Thai from none other than the legendary Ajarn Chai Sirisute himself. Kry Roman also holds a purple belt under Master Cleber Luciano and a Silve Glove in Savate under Professor Nicolas Saignac.

Fun Fact: Kru Roman is not only a professional musician with a loyal following and several, recorded songs, but he also used to be a professional break-dancer.

Favorite Quote: “Praise be to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle. He is my loving God and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer, my shield, in whom I take refuge.” Psalm‬ 144:1-2‬ NIV‬‬


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