A Knockout Workout

There is no workout quite like the one you’ll get at OC Kickboxing. It’s the best knockout workout of your life… guaranteed! You’ll be excited about the classes because they’re fun and motivating.

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A Fun Way To Stay Fit

OC Kickboxing is different from any fitness or martial arts program out there…it’s more fun and more effective.

Practical Self Defense

OC Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts teaches the most practical martial art techniques known to man. You will not find a more effective or more complete practical self defense program.

A Confident Feeling

Martial arts training is a great confidence builder. Self-confidence is similar to a muscle. It needs to be exercised and developed to become strong. This happens over time with small successes that make it possible to achieve more.

The Ultimate Sport

Popularized by shows like UFC, WEC, and Strikeforce, MMA is a full contact combat sport in which a variety of fighting techniques are used including striking and grappling. It’s the ultimate man versus man competition.