You’ll Get An Amazing Workout & Build A Sexier, More Fit Body in 30 days – Or We’ll Refund Your Money!

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We think there is no workout quite like the one you’ll get at OCKMMA. It’s a knockout workout … guaranteed! If you aren’t excited about our fun, motivating classes and if you don’t increase your energy level, sculpt your body and learn self-defense skills, then we’ll refund your money!*

Jab, Cross, Hook, Kick…

Not only will you get the best cardio workout that you’ve ever experienced, you’ll also get resistance training in every class which will help you to build lean, long muscle and burn fat. According to the American Council on Exercise…

“Well known as an excellent form of stress relief, martial arts inspired workouts also improve strength, aerobic fitness and flexibility. The variety of movements used in kickboxing can sharpen reflexes and improve coordination and balance. In addition, this type of exercise burns an average of 500-800 calories an hour as opposed to the 300-400 calories typically burned by the average step aerobics class.”*

*Results may vary based upon the individual.

It’s a total body workout. You’ll sculpt your arms, legs, abs and glutes. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your endurance improves and your body changes. The training at OC Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts is part of a healthy lifestyle that will help you to enjoy a longer, happier life with more energy and vitality.

*Some conditions apply