A Legend Passes

The Loss Of A Legend

Palos Verdes, California. Circa 1975. A troubled young boy is attending Malaga Cove Intermediate school. He meets a man who will change his life. A man who will motivate and teach – guide and prepare. That man was Dan Inosanto (Mr. “I” to his students) and that troubled young boy was me.

Carson, California. Circa 1977. I started training at the Kali Academy with Guro Dan Inosanto. Shortly thereafter, I began training with Sifu Richard Bustillo.

I remember so vividly the Kali Academy. The concrete floors; the Kali triangles painted on the floor; the shelfs with kicking shields hanging at what was to me, eye level (and yes … I still have the scar); Guro Dan playing the drums at the front of the class; and Sifu Richard Bustillo showing me the jab that made him a golden gloves boxing champion.

I cannot believe that almost forty years has passed since Sifu Richard Bustillo showed that troubled young boy the fundamentals of boxing and Kali. Since that time, that troubled young boy grew up to be a man; an attorney; a judge; and the owner of OC Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts.

I cannot believe this Legend has passed. But I owe a debt of gratitude to this great teacher; this kind man; and this legendary martial artist.

Rest In Peace

Sifu Richard Bustillo

b: January 28, 1942

d: March 30, 2017