Take one (1) beautiful, Southern California Weekend and MIX the following, High Quality Ingredients together. Use all ingredients carefully and exactingly to create the following Recipe for Destruction:

  • 1 – “Father of Muay Thai” (Ajarn Chai).
  • 1 – “Head Instructor/Founder” (Ajarn Daniel Sullivan).
  • 7 – Count Carefully – Krus (beware — Kru are hard to find!)
  • 40 Participants of assorted backgrounds, nature and physicality
  • ADD – Muay Thai pads, Focus Mitts  and to Taste.
  • STIR-IN an exceeding quantity of Hard-Work from all forty (40) Participants

Then TAKE the Biggest and Best Martial Arts Academy in Orange County — not smaller than 10,000 sq. ft; FOLD the above-listed ingredients together vigorously; and then bring to a full boil.

When done, this Recipe for Destruction is best served when shared with friends, family and all who train in any martial art.

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