Here at OCKMMA we work hard. We train hard …. And we TesT Hard!

Kru Roman Gutierrez is not only our REAL Kickboxing Director, but he is also one of our many, Kru (Thai for “Teacher”) “On-The-Mat” and teaching Miay Thai to our students! Kru Roman is an exceptionally gifted, and extremely motivational coach. He is a true inspiration to his students – and OCKMMA is proud to have this fine young man in our OCKMMA family!

Muay Thai is arguably the world’s most lethal and effective striking arts – and OCKMMA’s Founded and Head Instructor is one of only a handful of Ajarns (Thai for “Head-Instructor”) in the entire, United States!

Kru Roman is training his students diligently and our students are working hard and preparing for testing week. They’ll be ready … Will YOU be ready?

This is an exciting week to showcase your hard work and extreme discipline. It is time to prove to yourself how far you’ve come and what techniques you have gained this past month! We look forward to seeing you all on the mats. Continue to train hard and never quit!

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