Testing week is off to a ROARING start! OCKMMA has already tested JKD, FMA, Kids’ BJJ and even Muay Thai. (Did you see our “Ladies of Muay Thai” blog?).

Our adult BJJ program was “On-The-Mat” as well. In fact, the OCKMMA “Rolling” family was honoured to Learn new techniques and Earn higher ranking from none other than OCKMMA’s very own Professor Mohammad “Way-To-Go”Bakhtiari (front row, fourth from the right). Coach Mo is not only one of OCKMMA’s three resident black belts, but he is also OCKMMA’s Kids’ Program Director.

As promised. OCKMMA’s Fearless Leader Ajarn (Thai for “Head Instructor”) Daniel Sullivan (front row, fourth from the right) has returned from his most recent, martial arts adventure and he joined Coach Mo.  Ajarn Daniel is  one of OCKMMA’s three resident Black Belts; OCKMMA’s Founder/Head Instructor: and one of the most versatile and well-trained martial artists in the world.

So, C’mon down, meet the OCKMMA family and check out our 10,000 sq. ft. State-of-the-Art” facility; more Kru level instructors than any other school in Orange County; and mor martial arts programs than you can shake a Kali stick at!

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