Everybody knows that OCKMMA’s lineage is grounded in legendary martial artists including the incomparable Bruce Lee – friend to, student of, and teacher to Guro Dan Inosanto!

Everybody knows that OCKMMA’s very own Ajarn (Thai for “Head Instructor”) Daniel Sullivan recently departed on his most recent, and yet another, Kwai Chang Caine world-wide, martial arts adventure in order to bring the very best martial arts techniques back home to OCKMMA – right here in beautiful, Irvine California!

But maybe you didn’t know? OCKMMA’s very own Ajarn Daniel Sullivan is a Full-Instructor under Guro Dan Inosanto’s personal tutelage. And that Bruce Lee is Ajarn Daniel Sullivan’s Sigung (his teacher’s teacher!)

Ajarn Daniel Sullivan is still “hangin-out” in Hong Kong, China. Training, teaching and following in his Sigung  Bruce Lee’s ground-breaking footsteps!

Bruce Lee was born in 1940 San Francisco to Cantonese opera star Lee Hoi-Chuen. He spent his formative years in Hong Kong. At the tender age of 13, Bruce Lee started training in Wing Chun Gung Fu. And now, almost eight decades later, Bruce Lee’s student’s student (Ajarn Daniel Sullivan) is back in Hong Kong teaching the martial arts!

“I am humbled. It is such an honor to be teaching the martial arts in Hong Kong” says Ajarn Daniel Sullivan. “Hong Kong is where my Sigung (my teacher’s teacher) Bruce Lee grew up and started his martial arts journey!”

Ajarn Daniel Sullivan will be returning home soon. YOU can train with, and be taught by, one of the most versatile and well-trained martial artists in the world!

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