Egypt Loves OCKMMA!


Our OCKMMA family has its roots throughout the world. Our reach is as diverse as it is extensive – and we not only reach across, but also transcend countries, cultures, genders, bias and religions!

Say “Hello” to one of OCKMMA’s family members – Ismail Shaban. He is currently traveling through Egypt – while PROUDLY sporting his OCKMMA of course!

“I’ve been training at OCKMMA for 5 months. I know I have to answer, but honestly I can’t say that I have a favorite coach” laughs Ismail. “Each coach has a different approach … and need them all to get the best out of my training”.

We couldn’t agree more Ismail! All of our coaches are phenomenal – and bring their own personal touches to their classes!
“What I like best about OCKMMA is that after a hard day at work, I step on the mat and forget everything” says Ismail. “I forget if I’m tired, hungry or even angry … and I just focus on my training!”

We know that you’ve been wanting to join our family; get fit; Kick-Butt; and see for yourself what Ismail means when he says “I don’t have a favorite coach”.

Well folks, today is THE day … and we’re ready to help get you started with our SMOKIN’, 100% FREE trial!

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