Fullerton Soccer Team

Soccer Team Kicks-It at OCKMMA


The Titans, a recreational soccer team playing for the Fullerton Rangers Youth Soccer Club, spent their Sunday afternoon at OCKMMA training with coaches Roman, Felipe and Janis. The girls and their soccer coach, Hunter Richardson, gloved up for a team building session on the heavy bags, where they learned strategies for improving endurance, agility and teamwork. By the end of class, their form had improved and they were kicking harder than ever before.
The Titans overwhelmingly expressed that a kickboxing class was something they had always wanted to try, and the real thing turned out to be even more fun than they had anticipated. They are anxious to come back and train with us again!


Peyton, Titans jersey number 3, said, “Taking the class helped me to be more assertive at our practice the next day. I felt more confidence and strength. I’m ready to scrimmage the U19 boys team at our next practice!”


Before the girls left, Kru Janis gave the team further inspiration, “When somebody asks if you hit like a girl, tell them, ‘Yeah I hit like a girl!’ Be proud of who you are and what you can do!”


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