Getting Real “Rizzults” at OCKMMA





Here we catch a glimpse of the new Black Envelope invitees as they prepare for Coach Rizzo’s 12:10pm Real Kickboxing Academy class. Asal works her mind while Brittany and Sabrina gear up to train. Coach “Rizzults” may look casual here, but don’t be deceived. He’s called “Rizzults” for a reason!


According to Asal, “The more advanced techniques in the Real Kickboxing Academy help build my confidence and give me a more intense workout.

“The Real Kickboxing Academy class has completely changed my life!” Brittany says. “As a mother, life can get stressful, and this class really helps center my emotions and releases a lot of aggression! I can also say because of the academy I now feel safe when I’m alone with my daughter because of the skills they have taught me. The class and coaches really care about each of their students, and because of OCKMMA, my life has changed for the better! It’s helped with body, mind and soul!”


The Real Kickboxing Academy combines concentration of the mind with extreme, martial arts fitness conditioning for a “kick-butt” workout. And speaking of “kicking butt,” sign up for our “Kick-Butt Fitness Challenge” and …


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