In-House Kids Grappling Tournament

Kids In-House Grappling Tournament Registration Extended

Calling all OC Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts Parents, Kids and PeeWees!

Well folks, it’s that time once again — Time for the OC Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts’ In-House Kids Grappling Tournament. And oh boy — are we excited!

We have extended our Registration Deadline beyond April 19 to ensure that any and all of our Kids/Pee-Wees who want to participate in our tournament, are able to participate in our tournament. However, be advised that space is now becoming extremely limited … and our few remaining slots are going fast!

Only OC Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts Kids/PeeWees will be competing in our In-House Kids Grappling Tournament (non-OCKMMA students are not allowed). Our Kids/PeeWees will be competing against their teammates here at the OCKMMA Academy. And most importantly, your kids’ favorite instructors — Coach Mo, Coach Mike, Coach Rizzo, Coach Drew and all the rest of the OCKMMA Team — will be leading this event and teaching our Kids/PeeWees what it’s like to compete at a real tournament.

Let’s face it folks — competition is just one of those hard facts of life … and we here at OCKMMA wish to ensure that our Kids/PeeWees have every, single advantage and are prepared for success. Participation in the OCKMMA In-House Kids Grappling tournament will allow our Kids/PeeWees to experience a tournament-like adventure in an environment that is safe, friendly and familiar.  Our Kids/PeeWees will not only easily acclimate to a tournament-like environment, but our Kids/PeeWees will also be engaging with other students and coaches they both know and trust.  This is an ideal opportunity for our Kids/PeeWees to become comfortable with the tournament experience — while having a great time; learning important, life-skills; and building memories that will last a lifetime.

Each Kid/PeeWee Participant will be guaranteed the opportunity to participate in a minimum of two matches against his/her teammates.  And oh yes — After the tournament has completed, and all of our Kids/PeeWees have had the opportunity to feel what its like to participate in a tournament, OC Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts will be providing food and beverages for all of our Kids/PeeWees who participated.

Our Kids Grappling In-House Tournament will be held this Saturday, April 21st at the OC Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts facility from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.

NOTE: ALL Kids/PeeWees classes will be cancelled Saturday April 21st from 9:00 am – 11:00 am in order to facilitate and accommodate our in-House Tournament. This tournament is an event not to be missed – and we encourage all of our Kids/PeeWees to participate.  We also encourage all Moms and Dads to attend … and, of course, take LOTS of pictures!

DATE:  Saturday, April 21st, 2018

TIME:  9:00 am to 11:00 am

Cost:  PeeWees:  $15.00

           Kids:          $20.00

OC Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts has extended our registration deadline to ensure that all Kids/Pee-Wees who wish to register, are able to register. However, don’t wait too much longer … space is extremely limited for this tournament and these remaining slots are going fast.

To register your Kids/PeeWees today, you can drop by our Academy and register with our front desk (Say “Hi” to Reid, Kim and/or Gia); you can call us on the telephone (949-833-8338); or you can even utilize OCKMMA’s brand-spankin’ new Zenplanner Membership Portal (click “HERE“)!

See You On-The-Mat!