It’s Testing Time

Remember: To those are serious about excelling in their respected discipline, testing is around the corner! Do not forget to train hard, refine your technique, and just as importantly—have fun. Featured below are some of our talented students methodically showcasing this month’s curriculum.

Alec Doc Huynh

Above, is our revered veteran blue belt, Alec “Doc” Huynh demonstrating a submission from the back. Doc, a regular in our “Lunchbox No-Gi crew” (noon classes), is always more than helpful in guiding others with his keen precision and patience. He may be an ER doctor but don’t let that fool you; he is a force to be reckoned with on mat. So, note to self: do not ever mess with an ER doctor, particularly this one.


Here are two of our regularly Savate students, Ahllam Berri and Eileen Bailiff. These women relentlessly train to improve their standup game. Here, Ahllam displays impeccable form in her J-C-J, side kick, high kick combination! Wonderful job, ladies! Keep up the work and continue to dominate (the boys).