The Road to Black-Belt is not easy. It is fraught with perils. It is fraught with challenges. It is a time-consuming, albeit extremely rewarding, journey.

Just ask Black-Belt and World Champion Cleber Luciano (third from the left) — One of OCKMMA’s resident Black-Belts and one of our talented coaches!

Cleber is a 6-times Pan American Games Champion; a 7 times World BJJ Champion; and a 3 times US Open Champion.  These are but a few of the accomplishments that this “Roller” has under his proverbial (and very black) belt!

Assisting “On-The-Mat” is OCKMMA’s very own Coach, Resident Black Belt and Kids’ Program Director, Mohammad “Way-To-Go” Bakhtiari (third from the right).

OCKMMA is proud to host Cleber — and our students are always thrilled when he brings his expertise and impressive skills to the OCKMMA mat!

This weekend was no exception!  Four of OCKMMA’s very own were awarded their Blue Belts by none other than the Grand Master Himself — Black Belt Cleber Luciano!

Please join OCKMMA in congratulating these dedicated and skilled athletes (from left to right):  Coach Bryan Castro; Mauricio  Jochinson; Luis Morales   and Coach Michael Moncera (who is also Kru level in Muay Thai under Ajarn Daniel Sullivan).

Have you started your Road to Black?  Or are you still just thinking about taking that first step? Regardless of where you are on your journey, OCKMMA can help.  So C’mon down and experience the OCKMMA experience and culture for yourself.

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