Congratulations to OCKMMA’s most recent Kick-Butt Fitness Challenge Winner – Ms. Shannon Tamazawa (shown here with her husband Tommy on the left and Coach “Rizzults” Rizzo on the right).

Shannon is getting ready for a trip to Hawaii – and that’s why she came to OCKMMA! Shannon has been consistent in her training; she’s increased her lean muscle mass; perfected her technique; and she brings a phenomenal attitude to the mat whenever she trains!

“Kickboxing is such a GREAT stress reliever after a long day of work. The staff is so welcoming and they genuinely care about you and your personal goals” says Shannon. “OCKMMA has had a great influence on helping me to create a better, healthier lifestyle”.

Not only is Shannon now in great shape for her trip to Hawaii, but she also won OCKMMA’s Kick-Butt Fitness Challenge – including a one year membership at OCKMMA; a weekend in Las Vegas; and dinner for two at the world-famous, uniquely iconic, Golden Steer restaurant.

So C’mon down and see what all the excitement is about. And who knows – next month YOU might be the winner of OCKMMA’s coveted Kick-Butt Fitness Challenge! We’ll even get you started on the Road to Excellence with our SMOKIN’ totally FREE trial:

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