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Meet one of OCKMMA’s finest Coaches — Drew Walker.  Not only is Drew a phenomenal coach, but he is also one of OCKMMA’s very own “Success Stories”.

Drew is a native of Boston, but he now happily resides in Sunny Southern California.  He started training Goju Karate at the age of 7 — and trained steadily for the next 8 years. At age 15, Drew became a high school athlete and played both baseball and football.  He suffered several sports injuries — and his sports career came to a screeching halt.

Coach Drew stopped training and put on weight.  A LOT of weight.  In fact, at 5’10”, he tipped the scales at a hefty 290 lbs.  He saw the picture of himself (the one on the right of course) and was shocked to realize that he was now horribly out of shape.

“That picture was a real ‘Holy Sh*t’ moment for me.  It didn’t even look like me.  It looks like I ATE me!” laughs Coach Drew.  “I remotivated; found a Goju Karate school; started training again.  I then found OCKMMA — and the rest is history”.

Coach Drew is now not only a coach in our Real Kickboxing and Real Kickboxing Academy Programs, but he is also a lethal member of our Fight Team.  In fact, Coach Drew just participated in his first “Smoker” Fight — and performed brilliantly!

Can you related to Coach Drew? Do YOU look like you “ATE” you?

If so, then C’mon down and meet this phenomenal, success story.  Coach Drew is a well-trained, motivational, and highly-skilled coach —  he’s available both “On-The Mat” and for private lessons.

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