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Jitti Gym in Bangkok is one of the first Muay Thai Gym’s in Thailand to begin to cater to international Muay Thai enthusiasts. Jitti Damriram (the Founder and Head Coach) opened the original Jitti Gym near Khao San Road in 1991. With over 80 fights, Jitti was was a top 5 Rajadamnern fighter from 1978-1981. The new Jitti Gym opened in 2003 and features Jitti as well as many other trainers who are esteemed former stadium and champion fighters.

Flying Elbow Jitti Muay Thai Gym Straight Knee

I trained at Jitti Gym in August of 2009. Although the facility is very modest (a house converted to a gym) with one boxing ring, two open training areas some weights and a few bags, the training was second to none in my opinion. I was greeted by Kru Jitti at the front door. He seemed like a really nice person. I told him I was interested in private lessons. He asked me if I could come back later so I could train with him personally. Because I was under kind of a tight schedule, he said his brother would train me. I trained privately with Serm (Jitti’s brother) and two other trainers.

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I enjoyed the training as much or more than any other Muay Thai gym I have ever trained at. The personal attention they gave me was incredible. Even though all I did was walk in off the street, they treated me like I was one of their prize fighters. The warm up and stretching routine was great. In fact, I wish I could remember the entire routine because I’d like to incorporate it into some of my classes.

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The pad training was intense and they didn’t hold back at all even though I was new there. He already had me doing flying elbows in the second or third round. In between rounds, they would pour cold water on me, give me drinking water and massage my arms and legs as if I were fighting at Lumpinee! All in all, the training at Jitti Gym was awesome. I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Bangkok who wants to train in Muay Thai.

Jitti Gym | The International Muay Thai Training Gym
12 Soi Chokchairuammit yak 29
Viphavadee Rangsit, Ratchadapisek Rd. Dindang
Bangkok 10320, Thailand
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