Muay Thai Training in Thailand


Training in Muay Thai with real Thai trainers in Thailand, the birthplace of the art of Muay Thai is an incredible experience. Muay Thai training in Thailand is not only for professional fighters. Muay Thai enthusiasts of all levels can enjoy and benefit from this training. Many of the gyms around Bangkok and other areas of Thailand offer Muay Thai training to Men, Women and children of all levels. Many of the gyms also offer accommodations for those who want to “eat, sleep and breathe” Muay Thai during their stay. For Muay Thai fighters and instructors, this is the ultimate! This is a listing of Muay Thai gyms in Thailand that you might want to check out while there.

Baan Muay Thai Boxing School Bangkok


Baan Muay Thai is a new high-end gym with complete accommodations and a famous ex-champion Thai trainer. The facility is beautiful and set up to cater to Western as well as local Muay Thai fighters and practitioners. I trained there in August 2009.


Fairtex Muay Thai Fitness Bangplee


Fairtex is one of the most reputable Muay Thai Gyms in the world. The trainers, the facility, the food and the accommodations are all amazing. I would recommend Fairtex Bangplee to anyone who wants to experience Muay Thai in Thailand.


Jitti Gym Bangkok


First opened in 1991, Jitti Gym began accepting foreign students before most gyms in Thailand. Although the facility is not that extravagant, I felt that the training and service was second to none.


Muay Thai SaSiPraPa Bangkok


Founded over 45 years ago by Grand Master Chanai Pongsupha, SaSiPraPa Muay Thai is now run by Ajarn Thakoon Pongsupha. SaSiPraPa has produced several Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Champions. I trained at SaSiPraPa with Ajarn Thakoon in October of 2008.