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That’s Right … An Olympian Trains at OCKMMA!


(The OCKMMA Team (from left to right) — Coach Felipe Munoz; Coach Bryan Castro; Coach Ricky Sexton; Coach Robet (“GC”); Olympian Brandon Leatherwood; Kru Roman “Wolfie” Gutierrez; Coach Charles “Rizzults” Rizzo; and Tiffany “Fab”)

OC Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts is proud to welcome the newest member of the OCKMMA Family – Brandon Leatherwood – to our community of OCKMMA champions and to sponsor him as he prepares to try out for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio!

At 25 years old, Brandon hails from Philadelphia, Penn.  He has been running competitively for the past eight years. He is a Track & Field contestant whose forte is the 100-metre dash.  “I know that the ‘Bolt’ is the fastest man on the planet” says this rising, athletic SuperStar, “But all that is going to change when I race him.  Nothing but respect to the ‘Bolt” … but I intend to beat him”.

Many of our OCKMMA members are not only gifted martial artists, but they are also accomplished athletes in other amateur and professional sports. Like Brandon, they choose to cross-train in mixed martial arts because it measurably enhances their strength, stamina, mental acuity, speed and — of course — greatly enhances their coordination.

Brandon says that he “runs for his mother, because she’s done so much”; he “runs for his family, to see their faces when he wins”; he “runs for his country”; and he wants to give world record-holder Usain Bolt a “run for his money” – pun intended.  Brandon is already an Olympian — now he is working and training hard, with focus, commitment and discipline to become not only a champion, but also the fastest man on the planet.

OCKMMA is honored to support this future Olympian in his determination to Bring Home the Gold!  We are proud to sponsor this young athlete in his Quest for Gold – and to support this patriotic young man in not only achieving his goals, but also living his dream.

You never know who you’re going to meet when you train at OCKMMA! Join us today, and train with champions!

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