Going on at OCKMMA tonight – the Ladies of Muay Thai were “On-The-Mat” Training, Testing and Ranking up!

OCKMMA’s very own Kru (Thai for “Teacher”) Nathan Archambault (he’s the tall one in the back row with the beard if you couldn’t tell) was on deck coaching this team of ladies as they worked hard, trained hard and took another step closer to fulfilling their martial arts and fitness goals! Kru Nathan holds the coveted, black Prajioud (Muay Thai armband). He also holds a Silver Glove in Savate. He also ranks in both Jeet Kune Do and the Fillipino Martial Arts!

DO NOT let these lovely ladies fool ya gents – they are all as formidable as they look! They’ve all worked hard and, tonight, showed their coaches what they’ve learned and earned!

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