Well … It was yet another GREAT Promotion Day here at OCKMMA! Even though it was the week of Labor Day, our dedicated members joined us “On-The-Mat” to show their stuff, train hard and Hang with their coaches!

Both our Real Kickboxing Proffeam and our Real Kickboxing Academy celebrated Promotion Day – and Ranked Up under the watchful, motivational eyes of our tremendous coaches.

Real Kickboxing Program


OCKMMA specializes in the absolute beginner – and our Real Kickboxing Program is a step-by-step introduction to the martial art of Kickboxing! And don’t forget – no matter how skilled and experienced our coaches may be now, at one time they were absolute beginners JUST LIKE YOU! And if they can achieve their martial arts and fitness goals, then so can YOU!

Just ask our Real Kickboxing Program Director Coach Roman Gutierrez (far right and “Hangin’ Loose”) Coach Roman holds the coveted, jet-black Kru (Thai for “Teacher”) prajioud (armband) in Muay Thai. He also holds the top rank (Silver Glove) in Savate.

OCKMMA’s other, prominent Real Kickboxing Program coaches, Alex Baughman (far left and, like Coach Roman, also “Hangin Loose”) and Charles “Rizzults” Rizzo (front row, third from the left) were also “On-The-Mat” for Promotion Day.

Real Kickboxing Academy Program


If you’re not a beginner, then our Real Kickboxing Academy is the program for you! This program builds on the martial art basics leaned in our Real Kickboxing Program and is taught by truly exceptional, caring and motivational Coaches such as Kru Roman (first row, far right) and Coach Leaum (Marine, certified trainer and far right “Hangin'” with the team). This program is by invitation only, and represents the next step in achieving your martial arts and fitness goals! More intensive martial arts training + more extreme physical conditioning = a kick-butt fitness workout and increased martial arts ability!

Our Real Kickboxing Program isn’t just a kick-butt, calorie burning Monster Workout. It’s also an authentic martial arts class with an actual kickboxing curriculum created by none other than our very own Founder and Senior Instructor Ajarn (Thai for “Head Instructoe”) Daniel Sullivan.

So, C’mon down and check out the OCKMMA family and our amazing Real Kickboxing Program. You’ll be glad you did

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