As you know, the OCKMMA family has been traveling and representing OCKMMA to the world – and no, we don’t mean just our Fearless Leader Ajarn Daniel “Grassshoper” Sullivan!

Mexico, Sweden, Paris, Gettysburg and now ROME … Home of the GLADIATORS!

Gladiators (Latin for “swordsman” from gladius, Latin for “sword”) were armed combatants that fought other gladiators, wild animals, and condemned criminals. They exemplified the martial arts and skills of the Roman Empire.

OCKMMA ‘s very own Krizel Manalo shows her respect to the Gladiators outside the Coliseum – and, of course, rocking her OCKMMA Fightin’ Gear!

Krizel became part of the OCKMMA family over two years ago – because she wanted to lose weight. After losing a massive amount of weight with the help of her coaches, she realized that women of any age should be able to defend theirselves.

“It took a while before I developed enough self-confidence to step out of my ‘comfort zone’ (the Real Kickboxing bag room) and step onto the mat” says Krizel, “but I finally joined the Combat Athlete Program – and Im learning even more martial arts!”.

Krizel tells us that her “favorite coaches are Coach Rizzo and Kru Roman. They’re patient, motivating and extremely knowledgeable coaches. They’re so energetic – and every minute is a high power workout! Kru Nathan is very patient and he made it SO easy for me and my girls to transition from Real Kickboxing to the Muay Thai Program'”.

“OCKMMA has not only become a second home for me, but it has also become a lifestyle. When Im there I just feel great. I made friends with a lot of people here and that makes training so much better and so much more fun”.

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