Savate (Boxe Francaise — Also known as French Boxing or French Foot Fighting) is well known for its fluidity, grace, flexibility and deadly accuracy!!

Our Founder and Head Instructor Ajarn Daniel Sullivan has not only trained in the Ville de Lumieres (the “City of Lights” or Paris to the uninitiated), but he also personally teaches OCKMMA’s Savate classes. Ajarn Sullivan is training the next level of kickboxing athletes!!!

Ajarn Daniel Sullivan possesses the coveted Silver Glove (the highest level). This esteemed rank was bestowed upon him by none other than the world-renowned Professor Nicolas Saignac himself!

So c’mon down and experience our phenomenal martial art for yourself – in our 10,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art Facility. And while you’re here, take a peek at our Savate Testing – and say “Bonjour” to our Founder and Head Instructor Ajarn Daniel Sullivan.

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