OCKMMA’s Founder and Head Instructor, Ajarn Daniel Sullivan is at it again – traveling the world learning new, incredibly effective martial arts techniques.

Ajarn Daniel (right) is currently in Jakarta. He is training with Grand Master Datuk Edwel Yusri (left) in the devastating art of Silat. And when we say Grand Master Datuk Edsel Yusri “Wrote the Book” on Silat … We aren’t just Kidding … We mean it!


Silat is a collective word for a class of indigenous martial arts from a geo-cultural area in Southeast Asia. The term encompasses various styles (aliran) and schools (perguruan), but each tends to focus on specifics – such as strikes, joint manipulation, throws, weaponry or some combination thereof.

Ajarn Daniel will be back home at OCKMMA before you know it … and he’ll be bringing brand new, and deadly, Silat techniques with him. And remember Folks – OCKMMA not only has a wide array of martial arts disciplines (including Muay Thai, Savate, BJJ, JKD, FMA and Kickboxing), but we also have an amazing Silat class as well!

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