August 2017 Testing is THIS WEEK!

August 2017 Testing & Ranking Week

Ajarn Daniel Sullivan Leads and Lends his the Amazing Dirty Boxing Techniques at the OCKMMA Workshop!


This is the testing days and times.


5:30pm- 7pm Savate/JKD Kickboxing CAP (Room 1)

7pm- 8:30pm Jeet Kune Do CAP(Room 1)

8pm – 9pm Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu CAP (Room 3)

8:30pm – 10:30pm Filipino Martial Arts (Room 1)


5:30pm- 7pm Mixed Martial Arts CAP and Foundations (Room 1)

7pm – 9pm Muay Thai CAP and Foundations (Room 1 & 3)

9:00pm-10:30pm No-gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Room 3)

Saturday KIDS TESTING SCHEDULE September 12th

8:45am- KIDS

10:00am- PEEWEES

Real Kickboxing and Real Kickboxing Academy testing will also be on September 5th.

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