Attention OCKMMA Family!

Our very own Ajarn (Thai for “Teacher”) has arrived safely China! His latest martial arts adventure has commenced and his first stop …. Hong Kong!!

Ajarn Daniel had the rare opportunity to train with John Wong Hong Chung in Hong Kong. Chung is a martial arts practitioner of legendary lineage.

“It was an honor to practice Ving Tsun Kung Fu in Hong Kong today with John Wong Hong Chung the son of Wong Shun Leung” says Ajarn Daniel. “Wong Shun Leung is considered the best fighter of the Ving Tsun clan … and (he) is the one who taught Bruce Lee most of his Ving Tsun!”

Ajarn Daniel will be touring throughout Southeast Asia in the weeks to come – training with the best and bringing new techniques back home to his OCKMMA family right here in Irvine, California!

OCKMMA is more than a 10,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art martial arts facility! It is also the home of more martial arts programs than you can shake a Kali stick at and, of course, home to Ajarn Daniel Sullivan – one of the most versatile, and well trained martial artists in the world!

Today is the day – and YOU can start your own martial arts adventure right now! Ajarn Daniel will be back home at OCKMMA before you know it …. and you’ll be ready to learn from the best!

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