The Essence of OCKMMA

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Essence is a single mom who joined our Real Kickboxing Program six months ago, after she saw our 14-day free trial offer on Facebook. She had no prior experience in martial arts, but she chose OCKMMA because she believed she would get a great workout that challenged her both physically and mentally, while helping her reach her weight loss goal of 40 pounds. And she was right!


Training in a new place can be intimidating, but Essence said, “I love that everyone is so friendly and encouraging and non-judgmental. Everyone here has helped me. I’m a single mom that’s new to the area, so I don’t always have a sitter. Being able to bring my kids and have them just sit and watch the other classes, and to know that they’re safe, is one less thing that I have to worry about. Plus it shows my kids there’s nothing you can’t do, just put your mind to it.”


Essence has benefited from taking time out for herself. “Now even if I’m tired or having a bad day, I still come to class and afterwards I feel that much better, and proud of myself. It definitely boosted my confidence. I’m starting to feel like my old self again. I can wear clothes that I haven’t worn in 4-5 years, and I have a lot more energy.”


Where does she get her motivation to keep up with her training regime? “My friends and family are telling me that they really see how much weight I’ve lost and looking in the mirror and seeing myself getting smaller makes me want to keep working out.”


According to Essence, since training at OCKMMA, she’s learned, “There’s nothing I can’t achieve.”


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