The New and Improved Kickboxing Academy

       This month, OC Kickboxing & Mixed Marital Arts has revamped its kickboxing program into a more technique driven and methodical class! The Real Kickboxing Academy provides its avid students with beginner as well as intermediate and advanced curriculums based on a series of unique combinations. Daniel Sullivan, the founder of the gym, constructs each month’s curriculum himself and will even assess testing personally each month. For those that have long been a part of this amazing program, rest assured that the cardio workout will only be more gratifying! The program will include motivational and friendly challenges, such as Most Inches Lost, Perfect Attendance and Technique, and Greatest Attitude! Students will regularly attend 2 classes a week and have measurements taken to keep tabs on their progress. With determination and persistence, this program WILL give you the results you desire.

       Kaycee Cortez, a Kickboxing and Muay Thai enthusiast, partook in the first ever Real Kickboxing Academy Test given earlier this month. He said, “I really noticed a difference in my own technique attending these new kickboxing courses! The attention to detail, like how to properly pivot, complements Muay Thai. I have noticed even those that do not train Muay Thai have incredible form just by taking these classes. It’s amazing!” There are several synergistic benefits to taking a variety of mixed martial arts disciplines, as Kaycee points out.

       The instructors are all incredibly welcoming and provide incessant encouragement for all students. Alex Baughman, coach of Kickboxing, MMA, and Jiu Jitsu, embraces the new program joyfully. He says, “The new kickboxing classes are a lot more fun to coach because they are structured like a kickboxing bout instead of just a workout. In the past month, I’ve seen some of my students start to really move like fighters! They are pivoting on punches and kicks, moving their heads after combinations, and constantly circling their bags. When my students leave class they are always smiling because they know that they just made it through a physically and mentally challenging workout.”

       If you are eager to strengthen your confidence with these demanding yet worthwhile workouts, do not hesitate to try one of these fantastic Real Kickboxing Academy courses! You will not be disappointed, and conveniently, these kickboxing courses are scheduled regularly throughout the day to tailor to your busy agenda!