Muay Thai Partner Drills

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Partner drills, the fourth training method, are the best way to develop accuracy and targeting, however. This is the most realistic training method besides free sparring.

For this type of drilling you normally put on the boxing gloves, a mouthpiece and perhaps the shin guards and work back and forth with a partner. This allows you to practice your offense and defense in the most accurate method. This is the most effective way for both partners to develop timing, precision and sensitivity both offensively and defensively.

The most important part about partner training is actually aiming right for the target. Aim for the chin, target the liver, kidney or spleen and kick the thigh just above the knee and force your partner to defend shots that are aimed right for the target.

There’s a tendency during this type of training to try and be nice and not aim at your partner’s most vulnerable spots. You don’t have to go full power but you must aim for the target otherwise you are practicing “not hitting” and your partner’s practicing defending something that was never going to hit in the first place.

You should practice all the offensive and defensive combinations you know in this way and make them up on the fly.


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