Blind Children’s Learning Center Partnership

OCKMMA & The Blind Children’s Learning Center

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When we learned that one of our OCKMMA members, Talia Gangano, is an administrator for the Blind Children’s Learning Center, we invited her to bring some of her students to our academy and experience the world of martial arts. Ten kids got in the ring and had fun learning punches and kicks, sparring with a mannequin bag they called “the crocodile.”

According to Kolbe, “I liked kickboxing. We got to kick inside the cage. We punched a punching bag. We did Ninja rolls. I liked it there.”

Audrey said, “I liked learning to punch and kick. We used a ring and cage to stay safe. I got to wear gloves and punch a pretend crocodile. I had so much fun!”

This inclusion event is just one of many designed to serve our community and improve the world through the application of martial arts principles. OCKMMA regularly hosts children with Autism through our All Stars Program. We also work in partnership with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

Our next event with the Blind Children’s Learning Center is scheduled for August 17, 2015.
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