OCKMMA Warriors Honoring Our Nation’s Birthplace

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Here we have Coach Rick and his son Zachariah at the battle site of Yorktown Virginia.  Both train with us at OC Kickboxing and come from a long line of warriors. Yorktown is the place where the last major battle was fought in the American Revolution and where the British General Cornwallis surrendered to the American and French troops.  Zach is learning not only about our American history and the art of war that he even trains in today, but also his own family history.  Zach’s 7th great grand father fought in this battle and personally saw the British surrender from 40 feet away!!! What an amazing heritage.

We here at OC Kickboxing train ourselves and our children not only the martial arts, but also to remember and honor those who have fought and are still fighting for our freedom.

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