Well … the OCKMMA Team is at it once again! Practicing what we preach, training hard; and ranking up!

You may remember that, not too long ago, Kru’s Nathan and Roman were awarded the highest rank in Savate – the coveted Silver Glove!

Here we are again — and the OCKMMA Team is ranking up again. In fact, our team was honoured to be promoted by none other than Professor Nicolas Saignac himself (pictured second from the left) — one of  OCKMMA’s affiliates and part of our lineage!

So say Congratulations to Coach Alex Baughman (pictured  far left), Matthew Rostro (second from the right and one of OCKMMA’s up-and-coming athletes) and Coach Eddie Adrian (pictures far right). These fine, hard-working and well-trained athletes have “OWNED” the Yellow Glove in Savate. Only one more level to join Kru Nathan and Kru Roman amongst the ranks of Silver Gloves!

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