OC Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts is a 10,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility that includes three mats, 30 hanging heavy bags, weights, lockers, showers, a boxing ring, a MMA Cage are, a private lesson room, a member lounge, a sport shop, 5 restrooms and central HVAC.  Conveniently located at the intersection of the 405 & 55 freeways, offering over 114 classes per week and plenty of parking, OC Kickboxing makes it easy for you to reach your fitness and martial arts related goals!  Find more info on our location.

The Cleanest Gym in OC!

We know that cleanliness at a gym is more than just cleanliness – it’s a health issue!  That’s where we’re different than most academies…

While most gyms simply mop the floors at the end of the night and clean when they get a chance here and there, we take cleaning and sanitation seriously.  At OC Kickboxing & MMA, we have:

  1. A Full-Time Cleaning Staff.  That’s right; we have a full-time person on staff that keeps our facility not only sanitized, but clean as well.
  2. Highly Sanitized Restrooms & Showers.  Not only does our cleaning staff clean throughout the week, but our bathrooms and showers are power-washed on Fridays with disinfectant by Cintas™, a professional and reliable cleaning service (we bet you won’t find that at another Academy in the area!)
  3. Daily Mat Sanitation.  We have express floor sanitation mops by Cintas™, used exclusively for cleaning the mats between classes.
  4. Weekly Bag Sanitation.  We clean our bags every day, but we make sure that we’ve sanitized them regularly as well.
  5. Sanitized Cleaning Supplies.  Many gyms will use and re-use towels, mops, and other cleaning equipment – spreading around germs instead of killing them.  Our cleaning supplies are picked up once a week, cleaned, then sanitized professionally, and re-delivered the next week to ensure we’re always using sanitized cleaning supplies.
How’s that for taking care of our members?  We want everyone to train, learn, and work out in a clean and more importantly – sanitized – academy.