Attention Women…

Are You Looking For A Kick Boxing Academy Where There Are Other Friendly Women Just Like You?  Women Of All Shapes, Sizes And Ages With Common Goals? Female Instructors Encouraging You To Look And Feel Better Than Ever Before?

If your answer is YES, then you will LOVE OC Kickboxing!

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Why are we offering such an amazing deal? Because we know you’re going to love OC Kickboxing! It’s a great workout. It’s a lot of fun and it’s empowering to feel like you can defend yourself. Working out at OC Kickboxing is a lot more interesting than traditional workouts like lifting weights or running on a treadmill. You’ll actually learn and develop a skill while your fitness level improves. It’s rewarding and it’s motivating.

Here are some of the amazing benefits that you can achieve by training at OC Kickboxing…

  • Be more fit!
  • Develop empowering skills!
  • Be able to defend yourself if you ever have to!
  • Look forward to fun, exciting and motivating workouts!
  • Lose weight!
  • Decrease body fat and increase lean muschel mass!
  • Develop a body that people notice!
  • Experience increased energy levels!
  • Undergo a positive physical and metaphysical transformation!
  • Feel more confident!

You won’t feel intimidated like you might at other martial arts gyms. Everyone is friendly and welcoming — and our Coaches genuinely care about your progress. We’ll start you at the appropriate level and work with you at your own pace.  Our coaches take the time to teach you proper tehcnique and minimize injury.


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*Some Restrictions Apply

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“I am extremely grateful to OC Kickboxing for the improvement of my health and overall appearance. I have lost 23 pounds and 21 inches because of the kickboxing classes combined with a low calorie healthy diet. I now weigh 123 pounds, however, it is pure muscle! My body is the strongest it’s ever been and the toning and muscle definition is striking! I am 47 years old, with two adult children and quite honestly have never looked this good. Just ask my new husband. I was married on March 5… I have become OC Kickboxing’s biggest cheerleader!”*

Azucena La Reina, Santa Ana, CA

*Results may vary based upon the individual.

Pam“I fell in love with it the first time I came. You know I’ve worked out at other places before. I’ve done other activities, yoga, just working out on my own, gyms, and for a 45 minute workout session, I’ve never, there’s nothing that I’ve ever done that compares to the results and the way I feel after coming to OC Kickboxing!”*

Pamela Powell, Newport Beach, CA

*Results may vary based upon the individual.

Krista“I started here at OC Kickboxing in February this year. I was about 150 pounds and I was upset about it. My ultimate goal was just to lose a few pounds. When I got here I kind of made a family you know and I gained a lot of confidence being here and the other members give me a lot of courage to do things I never dreamed I would do. This place literally changed my life. The confidence that I’ve gained from being here in the last 8 months, the courage that I have now to do other things in life, it’s compelled me to do better at work, better at home, my relationships with other people are better and stronger. I’m a little more mellow than I ever was. I’m not high-strung anymore. I have control and I’ve lost 30 pounds so that’s a lot and yeah I keep coming back. I love it here!”*

Krista Tucker, Westminster, CA

*Results may vary based upon the individual.