1. Here at OCKMMA, the safety, health and welfare of all students, coaches and guests is our first and foremost goal. Use common sense in all safety related matters — It is better to be safe than sorry.
  2. ALWAYS be courteous and respectful to all individuals both on and/or off the mat and both while in and/or out of OCKMMA premises – including, but not limited to, social media.  OCKMMA has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for any prohibited behavior including, but not limited to: Hot tempers; defamation; offensive language; vulgarity; disrespectful/harassing language/behavior; bullying; language/behavior that sounds in sexual/racial harassment/epithets/slurs; gender-bias; sexual orientation bias; and/or similar language/behavior. Such behavior(s) are strictly prohibited and shall not be tolerated.
  3. Always show respect to OCKMMA Coaches and/or Instructors. They are to be addressed by their title (Ajarn, Sifu, Guro, Kru, Coach) or Sir (male) or Ma’am (female).
  4. Proper grooming & personal hygiene are MANDATORY. Keep your body and your gear clean and odor-free.
  5. Members must ALWAYS sign in utilizing OCKMMA’s ZenPlanner CRM system.
  6. What we do is potentially dangerous. Horseplay is strictly prohibited. Only light contact is permitted during sparring. Hard contact during sparring is strictly prohibited.
  7. No sparring/grappling is allowed without the supervision/permission of an instructor.
  8. The martial arts are not to be used with malice. Avoid conflicts and never utilize your martial arts skills unless you or a loved one are seriously threatened with bodily harm. It is always better to talk your way out of and or walk away from potential altercations.
  9. The purpose of hand wraps is to protect the hands. Hand wraps are recommended.
  10. Wrist watches, straps, buckles, necklaces, earrings, jewelry, or any other object, which may cause injury, shall not be worn during training.
  11. Shoes are NEVER worn on the mats in Rooms 1 or 3. Shoes are allowed only on the mats in Room 2. Shoes shall be of soft material without heels.
  12. Proper uniforms must be worn for class. If not in uniform, you will not be allowed to participate in class.
  13. Head gear, shin and foot pads, boxing gloves (at least twelve (12) ounces), elbow pads, knee pads, mouthpieces and groin protection are mandatory for free sparring. Mouth pieces must be individually fitted.  Males must wear protective groin cups.
  14. Students shall not wear contact lenses or glasses during sparring.
  15. No one shall enter the Academy under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Alcohol and/or drugs are never permitted on OCKMMA property.
  16. Hair shall be worn in such a way as to not interfere with vision.
  17. Report all injuries to the instructor immediately.
  18. If injured, notify the instructor prior to the start of class.
  19. Lockers/cubby slots are to be used for storing equipment (e.g. shoes, boxing gloves, towels, etc.). Overnight usage of lockers and/or cubby slots is prohibited.
  20. No eating drinking or chewing gum on the mats.
  21. Water bottles are permitted in designated areas at mat-side. Other beverages are not allowed on the floor.
  22. Finger and toenails are to be kept clean and trimmed to a reasonable length.
  23. Notify a staff member immediately of spills or slippery surfaces so they can be cleaned.
  24. Trash shall be placed in the proper container.
  25. Always use a towel to wipe down equipment after use.
  26. Salute your partner before and after each drill.
  27. New students and guests should always have a partner to work with.
  28. Help each other. Be responsible for your safety and that of others.
  29. Higher-ranking students shall help lower ranking students adhere to all matters of protocol and etiquette. Help beginners if possible. Remember you were a beginner once too.
  30. No talking while the instructor is addressing the class.
  31. Never talk while in line-up. Stand still.
  32. Arrive at class on time and mentally prepared. Strive to never miss practice.
  33. If you know you will be absent/late for class, notify your instructor as soon as possible.
  34. If you are late to class, wait for the Instructor to give you permission to join the class. If you need to leave early, get permission from the instructor to do so.
  35. Keep the floor clear of equipment and other items.
  36. Store your personal items and equipment on a shelf or out of the way.
  37. Put equipment, weights, etc. away in the proper place after use.
  38. This is your school. Help to keep it clean and safe – especially the restrooms after use.
  39.  NEVER criticize other martial arts, systems, schools and/or other students.
  40. Only Instructors and/or Coaches are allowed to coach/teach students during class. Never coach anyone if you are not a coach unless the Coach asks you to do so.
  41. Parents are prohibited from coaching their children during class.
  42. Membership at OCKMMA is a privilege. ANY violation of either the spirit or the letter of these Rules & Regulations may result in membership revocation at the sole discretion of OCKMMA. If membership is revoked due to a Rules & Regulations violation(s), there are no absolutely no refunds for enrollment fees, processing fees, private lesson fees, prepaid membership dues and/or paid in full memberships.