Warning: Most Assaults Involve A Weapon!

Discover The Secrets Of One Of The World’s Most Deadly And Effective Martial Art For Real Combat And The Martial Art Of Choice For Elite US Special Forces Like Seal Team 6!

Yes, YOU Can Master One of the World’s Most Complete And Effective Martial Art For Street Combat!

The reality in the streets… REAL fighting has no referees, no judges, no rules, no soft floor, very rarely a one-on-one fight and a weapon will almost always be utilized!


Daniel Sullivan, our head instructor, has immersed himself in the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) since 1985.  He has been teaching FMA since 1990 and has been a Full Instructor (Mataas Na Guro) in Filipino Martial Arts under Dan Inosanto since 1999. Daniel has trained extensively in FMA in the Philippines and was recently awarded a teaching credential in Kalis Ilustrisimo by Mang Tony Diego in Manila, Philippines.

We offer a well-structured FMA program in Orange County for beginning, intermediate and advanced students as well as instructor certifications. The Filipino Martial Arts course at OC Kickboxing is based on the Inosanto/ Lacoste system as taught by Guro Dan Inosanto and Kalis Ilustrisimo as taught by Mang Tony Diego. You will not find a more comprehensive Filipino Martial Arts class.

Unlike most martial art systems, the Filipino Martial Arts (Kali, Escrima and Arnis) teach both weaponry and empty hands together because the principles are common to both.   Armed or unarmed, the FMA student learns to relate to any situation using the same concepts of body angling, positioning and flowing. Depending on speed, footwork and skill rather than brute strength, the fluid and practical Filipino Martial Arts are probably the most comprehensive fighting systems known to man.

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