Your child can be a champion – both on and off the mat!

Announcing A Program That Helps Children Develop Winning Attitudes — And Transforms Their Future In Profound And Positive Ways!

We Change Lives And Produce Winners -One Child At A Time!

Jiu Jitsu Program For Kids in Orange County

Our Jiu-Jitsu Kids are bringing home medals.  More importantly, they are bringing home winning attitudes that positively effect every aspect of their lives. Our Coaches work diligently with your child, teachers and parents to transform your child’s attitude about family, school and responsibiilty — by  teaching your child about respect; confidencey; responsibility; discipline; and committment.

We are confident that these lessons will have a profound impact on your child’s future — and create in your child a positve mental attitude that will help your child succeed in life.

Our students have experienced …

  • Increased Confidence!
  • Improved Self Esteem!
  • More Positive Outlook!
  • Healthier Lifestyle!
  • Higher Academic Success!
  • Expnanded Life Skills!
  • A Ton Of Fun!

Your child will get more fit; learn self-defense techniques; and develop life skills that will have a positive impact on his or her character for years to come!

14 Days of Free Kids Jiu Jitsu Classes For Your Child! 


For a limited time, we are offering YOU 2 Week FREE Pass for your child. You can bring your child in and we’ll give him or her a FREE private Jiu Jitsu lesson, 14 Days FREE and a 14 day Money Back Guarantee! Why are we offering this incredible deal? Because we’re sure once you get your child involved with our program you will BOTH love our Academy! Just fill out the form or give us a call to schedule your appointment.  

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GinaShajari“My son Sebastian is going to OC Kickboxing and MMA. I have noticed a lot of growth in his confidence. He’s feeling a lot better about his capabilities. He grows more and more every time he tests and gets a different belt color. It just boosts his confidence. I noticed he can walk into a room with more confidence and not be so shy. I’ve just seen a big improvement in him overall.”*

Gina Shajari, Newport Coast, CA

*Results may vary based upon the individual.

MikeMyers“My son Alex attends OC Kickboxing. It’s been outstanding. The dedication, the respect. We’ve seen large improvements in his behavior and in his achievements at school. We were having some trouble when it came to testing, to paying attention. The coaches have helped to instill confidence in Alex and we’ve seen it translate when it comes to spelling tests, to reading and to dedication to achieving success on his projects at school.”*

Mike Myers, Costa Mesa, CA

*Results may vary based upon the individual.

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